Business Start-Up Support

As the owner or director of a start-up or small business you shoulder a substantial burden of responsibility. Often entrepreneurs embark on their business ventures driven by their passion for what they do. However, navigating the intricacies of launching and expanding a successful enterprise can be complex, demanding a considerable amount of time and occasionally it can feel like a solitary pursuit. Entrepreneurship is marked by challenges but it’s also a realm of opportunity and innovation. Seeing your vision come to life and making a significant impact on your industry can be tremendously rewarding.

You are not alone, at Innovate we offer a free 2-hour 1-1 business start-up support session covering a comprehensive range of topics. Delivered remotely, specifically to help new and/or small business owners to develop their business skills.

Typical 1-1 business start-up support sessions include:

Support session

Defining your business proposition, mission and vision

Marketing a new business

Creating a sound business structure, with employee roles and responsibilities

Ensuring your business is HR compliant

Networking for success

Financial viability for a new venture