Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring is a highly effective tool to accelerate the processes of competitiveness and productivity, along with improving the engagement and motivation of your employees. By playing to your team’s strengths and helping them evolve they in turn will grow your business.

What is Coaching?

Coaching involves awareness of oneself and focuses on making positive changes in behaviour. Coaching encompasses one to one learning and therefore becomes a very personal form of education, helping the individual(s) to discover themselves and understand their strengths and weaknesses, usually over a shorter duration and based on a prearranged schedule.

How does Mentoring differ?

In contrast, mentoring is usually for a longer duration; often being more informal and flexible. A mentor has a high level of experience and knowledge, enabling them to share valuable insights from their experiences to assist the mentee in their development. These insights help the mentee avoid potential problems throughout their career path, reducing the chances of failure. Motivation is key whether you are the mentor or the mentee, helping to set goals and create a solid foundation to fall back on during the difficult times.

How does mentoring differ

People are unique and naturally respond to different methods of learning and development. If you are looking to retain talent and increase productivity by engaging with your employees, Innovate can define and implement a coaching and mentoring programme tailored for your business needs and success.