Non-Executive Director Appointment

What is a Non-Executive Director (NED)?

NEDs are valued for their objective insight and advice and the experience that they can bring from other companies and/or sectors, offering a unique perspective towards key matters such as corporate governance, strategy, risk management and succession planning. Non-executive directors play an important role as board members in the corporate governance of modern organisations, working alongside the executive team as required to facilitate the strategic decision-making process..

What do Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) do?

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How NEDs operate in practice will differ from business to business, depending on the size and development stage of the organisation. For new start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and NED may act as a mentor whose regular presence in the office provides inspirational leadership and an experienced voice guiding the company as it grows. Alternatively, an established larger organisation may find it more beneficial for the NED to actively offer unique insights and constructively challenge at board level, providing an experienced view based on their own previous experiences of other organisations, cultures and sectors.

At Innovate we believe people make the difference and can provide your organisation with a Non-Executive Director which would prove a vital resource, bringing with them significant expertise, experience and a specific set of skills to help you achieve your business goals for long term success.